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Public Auto Auction

As we enter our third successful decade in the Public Auto Auction business we know it is to the customer’s advantage to utilize this effective method of selling vehicles. With Auto Auctions every Wednesday evening we handle more than 17,000 vehicles per annum. We have the skill, efficiency and resources to meet your needs whether you are selling one or one hundred vehicles a week. In addition, we have also conducted several successful auctions of franchised dealers from their premises.

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Restaurant Equipment

Being a diversified company we have sold millions of dollars in restaurant equipment including the “Mother’s” Restaurant chain, the “Red Grill” Restaurants, a nationwide auction of restaurant and food equipment for Wal-Mart Canada. McKenzie’s Associated Auctioneers maintains leadership in the marketplace devoted to a standard of professionalism where we will accommodate both the large and the small.

Machinery & Equipment

As a diversified Auction service we can respond to almost any type of client need. This is largely due to the professionalism and experience exhibited by our staff. We can handle auctions on location or at our facilities. Our 5-acre, fully secured auction warehouse and compound can accommodate larger auctions of fabricating equipment, machining and all types of construction equipment.

Real Estate

We conduct Real Estate auctions of all types of properties. The public auction method of Real Estate has been recognized historically as the quickest way to sell property with maximum exposure and return while minimizing carrying costs. We have also noted the increasing awareness in the marketplace concerning the time value of money due to incurred interest costs and significant amounts of capital locked in assets. In this respect the alacrity of the auction method has proven to be very valuable indeed. Real Estate auctions also have the added benefit of creating a level of interest and sense of immediacy unparalleled by other methods of marketing.

$3.4 Million
Medical Facility With Equipment

Online Real Estate Auction
Winnipeg, Manitoba


Commercial Property
Maestro Music Academy

Online Real Estate Auction
Downtown St. Thomas, Ontario


Personal Property
Luxury Home

Online Real Estate Auction
Leamington, Ontario


$1.4 Million
64 Workable Acres, House & 2 Buildings

Real Estate Farm Auction
Rural Southwestern Ontario


All Types Auctions

Through Public Auction we have sold everything from 25′ inflatable Pink Elephants, Santa Claus’s, Boats, Antiques, Hockey Sticks and Dolls to Groceries and just about anything imaginable. We respond to client needs by offering these flexible, diverse yet competitive options that achieve the financial results expected. No auction is too large, or too small.

We appreciate the advice you gave us during the project and are grateful we followed it implicitly. We would not hesitate to recommend your company to prospective clients.

– Ken Shea  |  Purchasing/Promotions Manager, Moffat & Powell


Your professionalism before, during and after the event was more than our expectations. We would highly recommend your services to anyone.


– G.R. Shelton  |  President, Shelton Ford (Close Out Auction)


Thank you all for your hard work and dedication.  Ken and I were thrilled with how everything worked out – You make a great team!


– Ken & Joan MacLeod  


Municipal Auctions

We have conducted auctions on behalf of such large corporations as the City of Toronto, City of London and Region of Peel. We also have regular consignments of municipal equipment regularly throughout the year at our fine facilities in London, Ontario.

I would like to formally congratulate you on the excellent auction service you provided for the City. The city employees at the sale expressed the opinion that it was the smoothest yet. Our combined ad campaign brought to the sale an excellent crowd and as always, you did the rest. You just get better and better.

You can be as proud of your staff and operation as I am grateful.

– Lee McCallum  |  The Corporation of the City of London


I had to write you and thank you for showing one of the most important traits a human being or a company can have, and that is integrity. It is things like this that make me a little less cynical. After being is this business for 30 years, you tend to become very distrustful, but every once in a while someone shows you that you can have confidence in people and businesses you have dealings with.


– Ken Doggett  |  The Corporation of the City of St. Thomas


Fundraiser Auctions

Auctions are a great way to raise money for your cause.  We have helped dozens of charities raise money for future building projects, cancer research,  adult education and more.  The liveliness of the auction atmosphere spurs people on to participate in donating funds for any cause you might have.  Contact us today to learn more, and view our testimonials to hear what others have to say.

Thank you for another outstanding auction performance!

– Jim Bolton  |  Development Coordinator, Hutton House


I want to thank you again for the work you did in support of ACT Now, and specifically the Smash and Drive Tournament.  Your auctioneering added to the caliber of our event and we very much appreciate the way you encouraged the attendees to participate in our auction.  I am also grateful for the advice you provided regarding the running of our auction.



– Kylea Potvin |  Medical Oncologist, London Health Sciences Centre


I am happy to report that we managed to net over $42,000 to carry on the work that Jesse began so many years ago.  Your hard work and the fun you generated in the room reflect the spirit of what we do.

– John Davidson  |  Jesse’s Journey


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