Seller’s Guide

Selling Fees

In order to sell your car at Associated Auctioneers Inc., simply call ahead to reserve a number in an upcoming auction (call early for best results). On sale day, bring your vehicle and ownership in by 5:00 PM print and complete this Consignment Form



  • 1.00 – 999.99 – $100.00
  • 1,000.00 – 1,499.99 – $150.00
  • 1,500.00 – 1,999.99 – $200.00
  • 2,000.00 – 2,999.99 – $250.00
  • 3,000.00 – 4,499.99 – $300.00
  • 4,500.00 – 5,999.99 – $350.00
  • 6,000.00 – 7,499.99 – $400.00
  • 7,500.00 – 8,999.99 – $450.00
  • 9,000.00 – 9,999.99 – $500.00
  • 10,000.00 – And Up – $555.00

Entry Fee – $15 per vehicle per week

Carfax Reports are required for all vehicles in the sale (A fee of $40.00 + HST will be charged for each report that we supply on your behalf

Ownership transfer fee $10.00 + HST

Ownerships are due by 9 am the morning following the auction (a fee of $25 will be applied to any late ownerships)

Lien check fee $25 + HST



$25.00 Entry Fee Per Week (Plus H.S.T.)
10% Commission on all Vehicles – $ 100.00 Minimum

Lien Check Fee $25.00 (Plus H.S.T.) per vehicle sold for both Dealer and Public Sales.

Carfax report required for all vehicles at time of booking (available for $40.00 + HST) HST applicable on all vehicles and fees

Ownership Transfer Fee $10.00

Buying Fees

These are the fees that are charged to


  • 1.00 – 999.99 – $225.00
  • 1,000.00 – 1,999.99 – $250.00
  • 2,000.00 – 2,999.99 – $300.00
  • 3,000.00 – 3,999.99 – $350.00
  • 4,000.00 – 4,999.99 – $375.00
  • 5,000.00 – 5,999.99 – $400.00
  • 6,000.00 – 7,999.99 – $450.00
  • 8,000.00 – 9,999.99 – $475.00
  • 10,000.00 – And Up – $500.00

$35.00 Administration Fee Included in the Total Buyers Fee

Unreserved specials 10% buyers premium with a $125.00 minimum. 

H.S.T. applicable on all vehicles bought and sold.
Vehicle Auctions every Wednesday evening at 6:00 PM



  1. When a vehicle is purchased, a $300.00 cash deposit is required the same day (Cash, Visa, MasterCard or Debit). The vehicle must be paid for in full by certified cheque, bank draft or money order by 4:00 PM the following day. Vehicles not paid on time, will incure a $ 25.00 (plus H.S.T) late fee per day.
  2. If your vehicle sells, the ownership should be given to the front office the night of the sale, or no later than 11:00 AM the following day. A late fee will apply if not here by 11:00 AM.
  3. To book a number call before 10:00 AM on Monday for Wednesday’s Sale. Please call and book your vehicles a week in advance for earlier numbers.
  4. Ownerships should be ready after 3:30 PM the day following the sale.

Please make sure this information is complete and accurate.

Consignment Agreement

It is mutually agreed between Associated Auctioneers Inc. (herein called the Dealer) and the consignor (hereinafter called the Owner) as follows:

  1. The Owner will carry full insurance (fire, theft, liability, etc.) on goods and chattels for 14 days after the sale.
  2. The articles sold by private treaty before the sale either by the Owner, or the Dealer shall be subject to regular commission fees.
  3. That the Owner shall pay to the Dealer the regular commission on the appraised value of goods and chattels withdrawn from the sale by the Owner or Dealer.
  4. That the Owner shall pay to the Dealer out of pocket expenses including advertising if the sale does not proceed for any reason not the fault of the Dealer.
  5. The Dealer and Owner further mutually covenant and agree any items sold and not paid for shall be returned to the Owner by the Dealer within two (2) weeks of the date of the sale and shall remain the property of the Owner and no commission shall be chargeable.
  6. And items not sold by Dealer and are sold within forty-eight (48) hours after the sale by the Owner shall be subject to charge of regular commission.
  7. The Owner further covenants and agrees that in event that a purchaser of goods shall require a bill of sale to be executed, the Dealer is hereby authorized and directed to sign a bill of sale as agent of the owner.
  8. The Owner covenants and agrees that the vehicle(s) are free and clear of all liens and encumbrances, except for those listed under Exhibit “B”.
  9. The owner covenants and agrees that the vehicle has never been a write off, nor has it sustained major frame damage, been a police cruiser or taxicab.
  10. The owner will pay any arbitration found in the buyer’s favour.
  11. That the odometer reading is correct and that it is the true distance the vehicle has traveled.
  12. That the pollution equipment is intact and fully operational.


We look forward to seeing you Wednesday!